Eyelash Extension in Melbourne & Other Eyebrow Treatments

    Brows are the second main attraction after teeth; they should be not only well-groomed but also perfectly shaped. At La Belle Clinic, we offer various treatments for eyelash and eyebrow enhancement such as eyebrow threading and eyelash extension in Melbourne CBD. Furthermore, as well as serving various facial improvement treatments, we also have solutions for eyelash in Melbourne. Our lash lifting in Melbourne can transform the complete eye look using the technique of lash lifting in Melbourne.

    Eyebrow Tinting ($15)

    If you’re curious about eyebrow tinting in Melbourne, we can answer all your questions at La Belle Clinic. But here’s the basic low-down – eyebrow tinting is a method for enhancing, shaping and defining the brows. The idea is to use a tint or hue to match your natural brow colour, giving it a little va-voom for younger looking brows that really frame your face.

    Book Eyebrow Waxing or Eyebrow Tinting in Melbourne Today

    At La Belle Clinic, we have highly experienced and skilled eyebrow artists who can revolutionise your brows. Call us today on (03) 9670 3399 to get your brows beautified with our services for eyebrow tinting, eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing in Melbourne.

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