Laser Spider Veins

    Laser Spider Veins

    Vein Clinic in Melbourne

    La Belle Clinic offers to book an appointment for laser vein treatment, which is completely safe, minimally invasive, and strongly effective. Being an established vein clinic in Melbourne, we provide capillary vein removal treatment for the face and legs.

    How Laser Vein Treatment Works

    Laser treatment for veins works by using long-pulse lasers to treat vascular lesions. The laser blood vessel removal face treatment doesn’t involve any injections, which means zero discomfort. The laser penetrates 5–6 mm into the skin, emitting energy that targets the unwanted vein while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. After the treatment, the treated vein disappears naturally. While providing laser red vein removal face, the laser light heats up the blood and makes the vein shrink.

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