Fat Freezing

Cryolipolysis Fat freezing

1. How it works?

The cryolipolysis machine uses the fat freezing head to deliver low temperature (minus 5 to minus 15 celsius degrees, adjustable) to the fat deposit layer. The fat cells are frozen there and become inactive (it is killed). The fat cells will be metabolized and cleared gradually.

How it feels like?

Customers would feel mild freezing on the targeted tissue. Right after the Treatment, the skin of the targeted area would feel numb for a while. It is the Typical reaction of cooling treatments. The reaction will disappear very soon.

Cryolipolysis MachineCryolipolysis Fat freezing

Ultrasound Cavitation

1. how it works?

Cavitation, also known as Fat Cavitation or Cavitation Liposuction, utilizes low frequency ultrasound(ranging from 28 to 42kHz, usually around 40kHz) to penetrate to the fat deposit tissue beneath the dermis layer. Ultrasound frequency around 40kHz is not sensitive to tissue like epidermis, dermis, muscle or bone, but it is sensitive to fat tissue. The 40kHz ultrasound will resonate with the fat cells membrane and destroy the entire fat cells. This is so called “Cavitation” effect. The broken fat cells pieces and the contents are identified by the immune system. The macrophages cells will come to clear the pieces and the released free fatty acid will be drained to blood circle and
decomposed in the liver.

How it feels like

Most customers would feel a slight tinnitus in the head but not pain while the Cavitation hand piece is working on the targeted area, the operated area would feel some tiny warm.

Ultrasound CavitationUltrasound Fat Cavitation

Lipo laser

1. How it works?

Lipo laser emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes. Experimentally and clinically proves that by using 650nm wavelength, it could reach to adipose layer and gives a effective fat dissolving; With 940nm Wavelength, it could help body to give a systemic Lymph detoxification and Accelerate haemal circulation and metabolism.

How it feels?

Many clients say they are able to comfortably sleep during their session, and do not feel any pain. The laser generates heat and causes metabolism of fatty acids contained within the fat cells in the treatment area.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency

1. How it works?

The radio frequency polars generate radio frequency that penetrates through fat deposit and generates friction heat. The heat energy promotes the fat metabolism so that the fat is reduced almost instantly.

How it feels like

It feels warm. Customers will feel comfortable. Some also say it is like you are enjoying a hot massaging and find out your size become a little “smaller”

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