• lisa liu

    My individual feels instrument all the time more effective than the hand. I went to La Bella Clinic this week, do a face with instrument, the process is very comfortable really, with massage about the same. After that, whole face feels warmer and tighten a lot and my apple muscles lifted a lot. Also beauticians…

    - lisa liu
  • Oliver Gaunt

    Highly recommend the machines they have are top quality. The staff there also provide great customer service. Thanks Jenny.

    - Oliver Gaunt
  • Hanwen Liu

    Great price and even greater service and products. I was tailored a treatment plan by their therapist and they made sure I feel at ease. The first treatment I had was hydrofacial, afterwards my skin felt a lot brighter and rejuvenated. Check out their treatments and prices guys, they have a wide range to choose…

    - Hanwen Liu
  • Jayde Crosland

    What a beautiful clinic, smell is divine soon as you walk in the interior and all the small details are gorgeous! Super clean and hygienic and staff are well presented friendly and helpful! Would highly recommend to anyone, and the laser treatment itself was relitavelt painfree they have a channel of cold air on your…

    - Jayde Crosland
  • chenxi zhu

    The services and environment are beautiful! I have experienced the laser hair removal and hydrafacial. I have already done my hair removal for my full leg and full arm for three times, I quite satisfy the outcomes. I really recommend the Synergie sun-cream which is dry, clean and also make my skin quite smooth. Another…

    - chenxi zhu
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