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    Chemical Peel in Melbourne

    If you’re looking for a chemical peel in Melbourne that can help achieve your beauty goals, make an appointment with La Belle Clinic. We offer a range of beneficial chemical peels at our clinic to help improve the appearance of the skin and reveal a younger and fresher looking complexion.

    How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

    A chemical peel consists of a chemical solution that’s applied to the skin in order to cause the damaged outer layers to peel off. During the chemical peel facial treatment, we will select a suitable solution and degree of peel before applying it to the face, where it will start to penetrate the skin.

    What Types of Chemical Peel Are Available?

    Peels are divided into two main types: exfoliating and hydrating superficial peels, and medium peels that penetrate more deeply. Often, a chemical peel in Melbourne is used in conjunction with laser treatments to enhance the effects.

    What Can a Chemical Peel Facial Treat?

    • Fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing
    • Large pores
    • Scars
    • Age spots
    • And more

    Is Any Downtime Required?

    This can depend on the type of peel chosen. If you get a superficial chemical peel facial, there typically isn’t any downtime required, as the treatment only causes mild redness on the face. However, medium peels may require some time to heal, which will be discussed with you in your initial consultation.

    Make an Appointment at La Belle Clinic Today

    To learn more about our chemical peel facial treatments or to make an appointment, call La Belle Clinic today on (03) 9670 3399. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the most suitable chemical peel in Melbourne for your skin.

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