Carbon Laser Peel

    Carbon Facial and Laser Treatment

    A carbon facial is one of the most popular choices for many since it offers instant results and makes one’s skin visibly beautiful. La Belle Clinic offers carbon laser treatment, which involves using a laser along with liquid carbon. This treatment has been found to be very effective and is often used in combination with many other treatments. It reduces the level of bacteria on the skin, making it pristine and gorgeous.

    How is Carbon Laser Peel Treatment Done?

    The carbon laser peel consists of a liquid layer of carbon applied to the skin. Since carbon particles have the ability to absorb dirt and oil from the skin, their application on the surface assures guaranteed improvement. When the laser is moved across the skin, it heats up and vaporises the carbon particles, exfoliates the outermost layer of dead skin cells, and stimulates collagen production.

    Safest and Proven Carbon Laser Facial

    Carbon laser facial is suitable for every skin type and have absolutely no side effects, as the process is completely non-invasive. The treatment does not take much time, and hence there will be no disruptions in your day-to-day activities. La Belle Clinic is renowned as one of the best carbon laser clinics in Melbourne, thanks to the expertise of our beauty treatment experts.

    Can Carbon Laser Treatment Eliminate Wrinkles?

    We also recommend getting more than one carbon laser treatment session for the best results. One can get many treatments done over a period of time to ensure that the facial glow is maintained. Also, with age, one starts developing wrinkles and fine lines. These can be completely eliminated with the help of these facials since the face’s skin is smoothed out.

    Why Should You Choose La Belle among Carbon Laser Clinics Melbourne?

    La Belle Clinic is the best when it comes to carbon laser clinics in Melbourne since we have both cosmetic experts and all the necessary tools and equipment for ensuring that the facial is done properly. You can get in touch with our experts by calling 03 9670 3399.

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