Cosmelan is considered to be one of the most powerful non-laser cosmetic treatments for the management of melanin pigmentation disorders of the skin.

Melanin refers to what gives our skin, hair and eyes their colour, or ‘pigment’, and its production is important for the normal function of our bodies. In some occasions however, our bodies respond to certain triggers by over-producing melanin which then can manifest in the form of darker, clusters or patches on the skins surface. This is what is often referred to as hyperpigmentation. Both men and women can suffer from hyperpigmentation, which is notoriously hard to treat and can be a great source of discomfort in some people who are striving for an even complexion and luminous skin tone.

The production of melanin being produced in the skins epidermis is called melanogenesis. Melanogenesis can be influenced by a whole range of factors, including both external (such as heat, sun exposure and physical aggressors) or internal (such as hormones, genetics, age, and lifestyle) and responds to these triggers by producing more melanin to protect the lower layers of the skin from damage, sometimes then resulting in the visible hyperpigmentation.

Melasma is a subtype of hyperpigmentation, which is a chronic condition that may arise in pregnancy or whilst on the oral contraceptive pill. It is more common in in those with darker skin such as Mediterranean, Asian or Indian subtypes however all skin types can experience it.

Another subtype of hyperpigmentation is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Inappropriate heat treatments such as laser and IPL, as well as the squeezing of blemishes or other aggravators can also cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which occurs when your skin senses it is under attack and sends the melanin there to protect it.

Cosmelan® is clinical depigmentation treatments designed to reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation caused by external and internal triggers and can be used for both post inflammatory pigmentation and melasma conditions as well as for those wanting an overall more even and luminous skin tone.

It is suitable for all skin phototypes, unlike many laser treatment alternatives, as well as suitable for dry or oily skin types.

The Cosmelan® depigmentation peel has a world-wide reputation as one of the most effective treatments for pigmentation. The outcomes people have achieved using these peels are remarkable as it works to not only reduce the existing hyperpigmentation, but also to RE-TRAIN the way your body responds to the triggers that cause melanogenesis.

We prefer to treat in the cooler months, especially if you have dark skin, so that during the course of your treatment you are more easily able to limit your sun exposure.

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Expectation Management

Please note- these peels remove most of the superficial pigmentation but may not remove all of it. Do not expect perfect skin- aim for progress not perfection. Some clients may need additional treatments to see the best and most long-term results.

Many types of pigmentation, especially melasma are chronic. Expensive peels can help to reduce pigmentation, but they are not a cure and will not “solve” the underlying problem.

We are realists and will never sell you a “miracle” cure – what we can offer is an evidence-based approach designed to combat pigmentation for the long term, and a team of experienced Aesthetic Health Care Professionals who will support you.

If we don’t think you are suitable for this peel, we’ll advise you at your initial consult and work together to get you ready for the journey.

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Expectation Management


An initial consultation with a Registered Nurse is required to provide education and discuss your options, as not everyone is a suitable candidate for depigmentation and our team of trained specialists will be able to guide you through the requirements and suitability.

We advise all patients with chronic pigmentation to see a doctor experienced in pigmentation concerns.

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Recommended Plan:

The treatments are a 2-phase programme:
Phase one will consist in 3-steps:

Pre Cosmelan:

Step 1

In clinic or Zoom consult with one of our specialists (complimentary on purchase) (included) During your initial consultation, our medical professionals will be able to fully analyse your current skin condition and assess what type of preparatory treatment you will need to prime your skin. If you are a suitable candidate for Cosmelan, you specialist may require you to use the pre-peel brightening peel booster OR an in-clinic Lactic Acid professional peel OR a combination of both before you begin your treatment. This is to ensure you receive the best results from the Cosmelan treatment.

Step 2

Prime your skin for treatment using the prescribed peel(s) recommended for you by your specialist. This must be done for a minimum of 2 weeks prior using the brightening peel booster (at home treatment) (included) If recommended for your skin, the 30% Lactic Acid peel must be performed a minimum of 4x weeks prior (optional) (Treatment performed in Clinic) and then at the 2 week point you may start to use the brightening peel booster. Strong healthy skin will provide better results. A skin that is prepared with Vitamin A and Vitamin C at least a month before will also have better results.


Step 3

You will receive a complimentary in-depth analysis of your pigmentation using a Woods Lamp. Our Medical team will take photos of you using woods lamp prior to professional peel application. (Included)

Step 4

Professional peel application (treatment performed by our medical professionals in clinic) Involves a thorough cleansing the skin followed by the application of a thick mask which all up takes approx. 30 minutes to apply. Once the mask is applied, you will go home with the mask on and leave it on for up to 8-12 hours depending on your skin type. Ensure you book a morning appointment for this treatment as you cannot sleep in this mask. (Included)

Step 5

When the mask starts to dry, you will dampen (not wet) fingers and massage gently for a few seconds until it is moist again, or lightly spritz with water only. Continue this each time the mask starts to dry out. (At home).

Phase 2:

Consists of a 6-month home care maintenance program, which is critical to the success of the treatment. You will be given clear instructions to maintain your results.

Step 6

After washing off peel client uses Hydracream Fusion (cleanser), Hydratonic Mist (toner), Melan Recovery AM and PM. Hydra Vital face k (cream) Hydra Vital Face Mask (intense mask) can be used as an extra whenever skin needs more moisture. This must also be followed by Melan 130 Pigment Control Sunscreen AM and again through the day if going outside and any time you are in sunlight.

Step 7. Soothing/healing care

First 72 hours. The client uses Hydracream Fusion, Hydratonic Mist, Melan Recovery AM and PM. Hydra Vital Face Mask can be used as an extra whenever skin needs more moisture. Followed by Melan 130 Pigment Control Sunscreen AM and again through the day if going outside.

Step 8

After 72 hours Client returns to clinic OR can be done at home- At this stage your skin will feel very dry, tender, and tight. The application of the Crystal Fibre Mask onto cleansed skin will serve to soothe and restore moisture back to your face. This treatment can be applied by our team in clinic or by you at home. (La Belle Clinic GIFT) *(included)

Post Cosmelan:

Step 9
Cosmelan 2

You will then be instructed to introduce Cosmelan 2 cream (included in initial professional/home take home pack) into your routine and continue using Hydra Vital Factor K, AM and PM into the routine. After the Hydratonic Mist, mix a PEA size amount of Cosmelan 2 with Hydra-Vital Factor K. We recommend using Cosmelan AM and PM initially if tolerated and then reduce to PM only.

Week 6

Client can add additional products AOX Feurlic and Densimatrix into their routine after Hydratonic Mist or come into clinic to have professional booster treatments performed. (optional)

Week 8-10

Cosmelan 2 is then continued for the next 6 months PM 3-4 times per week as well as continuing the use of other home care products. The Cosmelan home care products have been scientifically formulated to work together and so we encourage clients to only use these products, as other ingredients may affect the result. You can continue to use Cosmelan 2 3-4 nights a week indefinitely to control melasma and pigmentation. However, if the triggers are still there, Melasma and Pigmentation can continue to be prevalent in the skin and more treatments may be required.

Downtime / Aftercare

Day 1-4: expect red, tight and mildly swollen skin.
Day 4-5: peeling will start around this time and may last 7-10 days. It is important NOT to pick, rub or exfoliate the skin. Allow skin to shed naturally. If you pick the skin, you will increase the risk of infection and scarring.

Results will appear 2-3 weeks post treatment. You should expect a significant improvement in pigmentation as well as clearer, brighter skin. Your skin will slowly improve over the next few months. Be patient.

You may have red, sensitive skin for a few months post treatment- this is an expected outcome after a strong peel.

Please note- If you do not use your home care, forget to apply regular sun cream, or expose your skin regularly to the sun, the treatment will not be able to reach its full potential.


Our depigmentation protocols are unique and were constructed by our medical team. We focus on education and ongoing maintenance to give you the best long-term outcomes for your skin.

Cosmelan® Programme (3 months) $1399 (valued at $2,007)

Treatment is inclusive of:

  • We ask you to commit to attending a review with a clinician, including photos at every week.
  • Consultation (either via zoom or in clinic); Education; Skin preparation (value at $140), the professional peel application (value $970)
  • Home care pack of 7 products (lasting 3 months) (value $818)
  • Crystal fibre mask and woods lamp (value: $79)

Please note we ask all our clients to commit to 6 months of using the Cosmelan products. However, this package allows you to purchase the additional 3x months of skincare later.

Cosmelan® Programme (6 months) $1999 (valued at $2,825)

Treatment is inclusive of:

  • We ask you to commit to attending a review with a clinician, including photos at every week.
  • Consultation (either via zoom or in clinic); Education; Skin preparation (value at $140) The peel application (in clinic) – (value $970)
  • Home care pack of 12 products (lasting 6 months) (value $1,636)
  • Crystal fibre mask and woods lamp (value: $79)

Maintenance pack + essential pack (RRP$818) (lasts an additional 3 months from previous package for 6x months total).



01.Special Considerations
  • Not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding women, or those planning a pregnancy in the next 6 months.
  • If you have taken oral Tretinoin in the last 12 months, you cannot use Cosmelan®
  • Clients must send photos regularly
  • Under no circumstances is any other treatment or product to be used during the cosmelan depigmenting treatment.
  • Any peeling or flaking skin must not be pulled off but allowed to peel naturally.
  • Sunscreen is mandatory and must be reapplied regularly throughout the day.


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