NightLase Treatment in Melbourne

    Everyone wants to get a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible when you suffer from congested airways. If snoring or sleep apnoea is an issue that is affecting you or your partner, book an appointment at La Belle Clinic for innovative NightLase Fotona treatment.

    NightLase treatment is a safe and non-invasive laser treatment that is designed to improve sleep quality. The laser targets the patient’s mouth and airways in order to gently tighten soft tissues and treat the patient’s snoring and sleep apnoea issues.

    What NightLase Treatment Can Do For You

    • Decrease snoring
    • Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)
    • Improve sleep quality

    How This Treatment Works

    Our certified medical professional will carry out your Fotona NightLase treatment by using a laser to preheat the inner mouth and throat. This laser smooths and tightens the tissues in the mouth and throat in order to shrink collagen fibres. This is done to decrease tissue vibration and improve the air flow through your mouth and nose.

    Patients who undergo either the NightLase snoring treatment or sleep apnoea treatment do not need to wear a device while they sleep, and there are no chemical treatments involved. NightLase is a comfortable alternative to other treatment options and can help to keep airways clear for up to 12 months (please note that this may differ from patient to patient).

    Make an Appointment Today

    La Belle Clinic offers Fotona NightLase treatment that can address the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnoea. Call our clinic in Melbourne today on (03) 9670 3399 or contact us online to book a Fotona NightLase snoring treatment or sleep apnoea treatment.

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