From Hashimoto’s To Health Coach: My Holistic Healing Journey

Blog 30 Oct, 2019

We are so proud and blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with Sarah Kneebone of @mojohealthspace. Her journey to health is nothing but inspiring and we are so glad to be able to share that journey with our loyal La Belle Clinic clients.

Sarah is a Hashimoto’s warrior and holistic health coach. She is passionate about helping women who feel lost and overwhelmed by their Hashimoto’s diagnosis to unleash the vibrant, thriving woman they’re meant to be. Since evolving from surviving to thriving in her own health journey, Sarah focuses on healing from the inside out by working holistically on mind, body, and soul. Have a read below, and get pumped about your own journey to optimal health.

Hello! My name is Sarah Kneebone – a Hashimoto’s warrior and certified health coach. I’m sharing my health journey to help raise awareness about an autoimmune condition that is on the rise (affecting about 5% of the world’s population – mostly women – and present in 9/10 cases of hypothyroidism) AND to show you that healing is possible. Living with vibrant, thriving health is possible. Becoming the best version of you, by empowering yourself with information and taking consistent action towards your goals, is possible too.



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